October 18 – November5, 2015
Reception: Thursday, October 20, 6-8

Margaret Sparrow

Fascinated with the loveliness of still objects resting quietly in time, Margaret Sparrow paints what she sees. Concerned with what is true, she endeavors to create works of lasting value and genuine authenticity. The work is both modern and traditional in the best sense. Her influences derive from “painterly realism”.

“Throughout her career she has explored the beauty of still lives and everyday objects with her masterful handling of the painted surface and often deceptively simple palette. These paintings find the grandeur and grace in common objects: the complexity of light reflecting off a plate, the sculptural forms of a white tablecloth or the simple curve of a shell.”  

Megan Benitz, 
Director of Exhibitions
Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art

The work is found in a number of private collections and one public museum.

Mario Busoni

Mario Busoni, who was born in Berlin, Germany, has lived and worked in New York City most of his life. His respect for craftsmanship and standards of excellence extends from the precision of his earlier work as a maker of violins and lutes, as well as shipbuilders’ half-models, to the freer, but equally demanding sculptural concerns reflected in his current work. His depictions of the female figure are not intended to be exact representations, but rather are abstracted to create a sensuous equivalent of the figure. They have an eloquent presence, evoking the long tradition of the female form in sculpture.
Some of the works are more expressionistic than others, but all share the quality of emotional compression and a humanistic perspective. In terracotta, wood, and bronze, the pieces reflect an original vision that is independent of the current trends and fashions in the art world. His work has been exhibited at the National Academy of Design, the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the 2/20 Gallery, the Hudson Guild, and the M55/Noho Gallery, all in New York City, and is also in private collections.